Specialist Hosting

When we look at web hosting it soon becomes evident that there are a multitude of hosting companies about.  Some are better than others and it s very true that doubtlessly there are some very good hosting companies in the world.

Unfortunately just like most things it is a case of “you pay your money and take your choice”.  I am sure you would not realistically expect a high end BMW for the price of a basic Ford and likewise cheap hosting packages often are fine for designing and developing your web site but soon “break” under any real use.

Open Cart and WordPress are dynamic systems where the web pages you view are generated “on the fly” as a result of your web browsers request.  If there is just one person requiring these resources then just about any hosting package can provide this.  Scale up to 20 or 50 simultaneous users and it becomes a very different story.  There are extensions or plug-ins that cache the pages in a HTML form but as soon as any user logs in these no longer function so in a nutshell if you expect any real traffic then you need appropriate hosting to avoid losing sales of having a web site so slow that Google designates it as junk!

Over the years we have tried just about every possible package permutation and many who claim to have specialist hosting for Open Cart or WordPress.  We have tried Virtual Private Servers, Cloud hosting and semi-dedicated servers.  Our conclusion is that if you want your sites to run faultlessly and have control over PHP and Apache settings then you really need a dedicated server even if you choose one with very modest resources.  Virtual Private Servers come a close second although you will still have to share the host machine with others sites, perhaps very many of them.

It was with a view to our very long experience with hosting that we will offer only specialist hosting for either WordPress or Open Cart or both only on a dedicated server basis.  This does not necessarily mean expensive though as our fully manages packages start from just £50 per month which is still the best price in the UK and the server will be housed in a UK datacenter.

Please contact us for further details