Security & Hardware

network securityWhen we think of network security then most people would think initially about the firewall which sits between the local network and the internet.  The firewall acts rather like a doorman in an exclusive nightclub, in that it lets in the type of traffic we want but absolutely will not allow to pass all the undesirable traffic.

Firewalls can be extremely complex and costly although a very secure one can be purchased for several hundred pounds.  Yes it is true that there is a huge amount of potentially dangerous traffic on the internet and it would be considered “normal” for your internet gateway to be scanned several times a day for vulnerabilities.

We can help with installing or configuring firewalls, and our engineers are qualified to the highest standards for most major firewall vendors.  It must be said though that in over 30 years of working in this area, we have found it very rare indeed for an outsider to penetrate the company firewall.

Where to the most likely threats come from?  Without question the most likely scenario is either a mischievous or disgruntled employee.  Time and time again companies suffer data breech and/or financial loss from unauthorized or malicious activity by a member of staff.  We can help you refine your policies and procedures to minimize this risk.  

Another very likely possibility is physical intrusion by unwanted personnel.  It is a constant surprise that after spending, perhaps considerable sums on firewalls and anti virus, it is often ridiculously easy go gain access to what should be secure buildings and hence to the data network.  Buildings secured by proximity/swipe cards prove very little deterrent to determined intruders and it is simplicity itself for an experienced social engineer to dupe an unsuspecting employee into compromising even a very secure system.

We have people who have been trained in social engineering and physical intrusion and this gives up an edge in helping you combat these very real risks.  We can run test incursions for your company to highlight how you may be vulnerable.

For all your security & hardware needs we can help you achieve efficient cost effective results

Server & Network Hardware

We are experienced in all versions of Windows Server and desktop operating systems and can help you maintain your system in the most economical way.

We specialize in migrating old server based local area networks to modern cost effective cloud based systems which will alleviate your maintenance nightmare.

Do you have trouble with a Linux based web server (LAMP Server) ?  Well we can help!

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