E-Commerce Development

Do you need a Web Site

e-commerce developmentIn today’s globally digital world just about any business will see benefits from having a web presence.  Producing a simple html based website is not too challenging if time consuming.  Further questions arise though if the business intends to sell products on-line.  Again there are many shopping cart based products available ranging from free applications to those costing hundreds of thousands of pounds.  All have their own idiosyncrasies with some being easy for the novice user to others that need specialist code writers to develop.

We are experts in e-commerce development and can help you build a lucrative site that leverages all the latest systems at an unbelievably low cost.

We believe in simplicity as much as possible and educating the user into being able to look after and develop their own web site.  Accordingly we have concentrated on the following e-commerce platforms.

Open Cart

Open Cart is a free open source shopping cart solution and has been designed to be feature rich and easy to use as well as being search engine friendly and having a visually appealing interface.

Further benefits of Open Cart is that you can customize it in just about any way and expand its functionality with the application of expansion modules.  It should be noted that whilst Open Cart is a free application for the most part expansion modules attract a licence fee ranging from just a few pounds to £100 or more.  You do not have to use them though only if you want and need the functionality they offer.

Whilst Open Cart will run on just about any hosting we would point out that if you expect your site to get any real volume of traffic then hosting which is tailored to Open Cart will pay dividends and for this please see our hosting page


The power of WordPress cannot be underestimated.  time and time again our trials have shown that it is easier to get high rankings with a WordPress site than any other.  There are shopping cart themes available too but these tend not to be as functional as Open Cart but for a small site these can be very powerful.

In the same way as Open Cart it is possible to enhance the functionality of WordPress through expansion modules called “plug-ins” in the WordPress world.

In conclusion we would recommend that a business embraces the functionality of Open Cart for the shop but the SEO power of WordPress as a feeder site or Blog.

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